Things You Need to Do to Effectively Get Rid of the Pigeon in Your Evansville Chimney

Once the warm weather returns, Evansville pigeons will look for an excellent place to build their nest and rear their young ones. To these birds, the warmth and the concealed area of your chimney will be an excellent place for them. The pigeons that decided to occupy your fireplace can lead to different stressful situation. For instance, they will gather different nesting materials that are all flammable. Their droppings can also be a source of different zoonotic diseases.

Things You Have to Do to the Pigeons in Your Indiana Chimney

The first thing you have to do is to ensure that you have a pigeon in your chimney and not any other type of birds. There are birds that are included in the list of protected species and you can find yourself in a huge legal mess if they were hurt during the removal process. In case there is already a nest that is occupied by the pigeons in your chimney, then you can do nothing about it. You have to wait until such time that the baby pigeons are strong enough to leave the nest. 

Can You Reach Them?

Usually, the chimney will come with a small ledge that provides a perfect roosting place for the pigeons. Use a flashlight to illuminate the area and determine if you can reach the nest of the pigeons. In case you can physically remove them, wear protective gears and proceed with extreme caution. Remember that the pigeons have delicate and fragile bones. On the off chance that you can’t reach them, seal the chimney with a cap and provide them with an alternative escape route. The pigeons can experience an extreme level of anxiety and may die from stress. You need to avoid giving them with unnecessary stress. If possible, hire the assistance of the bird removal experts to get them out of your chimney.

Lure the Indiana Pigeons with Food

Pigeons are known as opportunistic feeders. Rather than grabbing them with your bare hands, it is better to coax them with food. Try to leave few crumbs of bread outside of the chimney. This will encourage the bird to come out of the house. Remember that it is always best to allow the professionals to handle the situation due to the different hazards that come with it. 

What If the Evansville Pigeon Is Injured?

In case the method above did not work, then there is a huge possibility that they are sick of injured. During this situation, you will need the assistance of the wildlife rehabilitators. The rehabilitators would be able to determine the true cause of their sickness or injury by looking at the usual symptoms. Avoid interacting with them since their disease can be highly viral.

In the event that you will need to handle them personally, you should wear protective gloves and mask to limit the disease transmission. Some of these diseases can be serious that will attack our vital organs. Using a combination of deterrents and repellents may be an excellent way to keep away from this type of infestation.

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