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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Evansville! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Evansville, IN. A family owned and run company, we have been serving the city's population for all animal control needs for over 10 years, and the reviews you will see on sites such as Google and Yelp do the talking for us. We are experienced and can deal with almost every type of problem caused by wildlife in the city, and your first point of call is our telephone team. They are knowledgeable and can offer practical advice 24/7, and can schedule a quick appointment with one of our technicians to start the work of dealing with the pest animals. As they can be a problem in many properties, dealing with snakes is one of our specialties, as we know that the threat caused by venomous snakes can be a particular concern. Regardless of the species we will always use the most humane methods to deal with your problem, and our technicians have the equipment to provide the most effective solution in each situation. We also fully sanitize your property once the animals have been dealt with, and can also complete any repairs required if they have caused any kind of damage. Call us now at 812-269-6862 for your Evansville wildlife control needs.

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Evansville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Guide in Using an Exclusion Funnel to Get Rid of Your Indiana Skunk Problem!

Getting rid of the Evansville skunk infestation can be a tricky subject especially since you want to stay safe from their spray. Although there are times that they can be beneficial to our yard since they are eating insects and rats, most of us will prefer not to have them due to their incessant digging habit. Trapping them can be tricky especially for those who lack the experience since you are exposing yourself to the dangers of this spray. This is why we often recommend the less-risky procedure, which is using exclusion devices.

Step-By-Step Guide in Installing the Skunk Exclusion Funnel

Exclusion funnels are devices that will allow the skunk to leave your Indiana property but will prevent them from coming back. This is an excellent solution for those who do not have the necessary experience in skunk exclusion. Nonetheless, installing the exclusion device still requires some tough work.

Looking and Sealing the Entry Holes

When you are looking for the possible entry holes of the Evansville skunk, you will have to observe the signs of infestation first. Knowing which area of your house is greatly affected by the infestation will allow you to focus your attention on that space and increase the success of getting rid of the skunk. After determining the location of their den, it is now time for you to seal all the entry holes except for one. You may seal the holes using hardware cloth or wire mesh. The skunk may have strong claws but they will not be able to damage the tough galvanized steel of the hardware cloth.

Installing the Exclusion Funnel

Different exclusion funnels will require different methods to install. Simply follow the instruction of the Indiana manufacturer when installing it. We do not recommend you to use the exclusion funnel during the nesting season since separating the baby skunk form the mother skunk will result to the death of the kits. Be sure that there are no babies left inside or this will lead to another problem. You may add a lure at the end of the funnel to encourage the skunk to leave your property.

Checking for Signs of Active Infestation

Do not immediately remove the Indiana exclusion funnels. You will have to look for any signs of active infestation such as fresh claw marks and droppings. The old droppings of the skunk will change in color and disintegrate immediately while the fresh one will appear moist. In case you can’t see any sign of active infestation after a week, remove the exclusion funnel and seal the last hole.

As we often mention here, the Evansville infestation will recur if you do not target the root cause of your problem. After removing the skunk from your property, it is time for you to eliminate the things that are attracting them. Seal your garbage can with a secured lid. Clear the scattered fruits in your yard. You should also try to control the population of the insects in your garden that is attracting them.