Symptoms of a Sick Evansville Rat - What to Watch Out For!

We all know that you can acquire disease from an infected Evansville rat. This is why you need to be aware of the common signs of a sick rat. Some of the ill rats will not show any symptoms due to their capacity to hide the signs of their disease. Once you notice the symptoms that we will mention below, be sure to avoid interacting with the rats. It is best to hire the service of the professionals that will take care of them.

Alarming Signs of a Sick Rat

The symptoms that we will list here should only be treated as a reference. In case you think that a rat in your Indiana house is sick, do not wait for a second and inform the wildlife rehabilitators immediately. They will gladly provide you assistance that will lead to long-term solution.


The Porphyrin that can be found in the nose or eyes of the Evansville rats can be a symptom of a respiratory ailment. Nonetheless, other diseases can also mimic this symptom. This is a red discharge that may appear like a blood in the nose and eyes of the rodent. Remember that there are times that Porphyrin especially when there is just a tiny amount should not be a source of concern. However, you should still look for additional signs of diseases.


Rough coat, medically referred to as Piloerection, can be a sign that the rat is feeling nervous, stressed, or cold. This is a general sign of disease. Rats that are experiencing a high level of stress can also show this symptom. However, this sign will not be enough when creating a proper diagnosis. 


If the rat appears lethargic, we advise you to stay away from them. In some instances, this can be a sign of a rabid Indiana rat. There are instances when they will be lethargic due to underlying medical condition. Some rats will feel reluctance to leave their nesting place. They will also show no interest towards their surroundings. They will show no response to the movement in their environment. This is a clear sign that the rat is suffering from a serious condition.

Change in Appetite

Change in the appetite of the rat is an indication that there is something wrong with the rat. They may be suffering from a stomach pain or a general illness. In some instances, there may be a food that has been stuck in their throat. The wildlife rehabilitator should check their throat if the change in their appetite has lasted for more than a few weeks. This may also be coupled with weight loss.

These are just some of the signs that will help you determine that you have a sick rat in your Evansville house. Some of the signs can easily be overlooked so be sure to pay attention to the rat. By being aware of the signs, you will be able to keep the transmission of the disease at the minimum level. This can also help you find the best solution for your problem.

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